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 Pet Spay and Neuter in Greenwood, IN

Get Your Pets Spay and Neutered in Greenwood, IN

Spay and Neuter

At Vista Hills Animal Hospital, we recommend that pets are spayed or neutered if they are pets not being used for breeding purposes. Spaying and neutering helps to offset a variety of potential health problems, such as behavioral issues, testicular cancer, mammary cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer. We recommend that pets are spayed or neutered between 4 and 6 months of age, for optimal benefits to the pet. See our coupons page for a very valuable coupon for a free spay or neuter!

Safe Surgeries are Provided at Vista Hills Animal Hospital

Please remember that low-cost vaccine clinics often provide care that does not meet the standard of care for the veterinary profession. As a result, these services may result in a high rate of complications and death. At Vista Hills Animal Hospital, we provide excellent offers for SAFE spays and neuters. We do not lower our standard of care when offering this free spay or neuter. We do not use expired or inferior products and we do use pain medications on all patients. An assistant or Registered Veterinary Technician is monitoring your pet throughout the entire process, ensuring that your pet is never left unattended. We also perform preoperative blood work to make sure each patient is healthy enough to have the surgery. We also use IV catheters and fluids to increase the safety. Our team truly cares for you and your pet throughout the entire process.

Additional Safety Precautions

For additional safety, we also do not administer vaccines at the same time as any surgery. When patients are vaccinated at the time of surgery, it makes for a dangerous situation by taxing the immune system while the pet is trying to heal from surgery. It also means your pet is unvaccinated (takes about a week for the vaccine to work) at the time of surgery, which means they could catch a disease from the sick patient beside them at surgery. This often leads to deadly viral infections that were caught at these sub- standard facilities. We have seen 5 patients recently come from one of these facilities after having them do a surgery on their pet. All 5 died from a virus they caught while there. At Vista Hills Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to the safety and well-being of each and every one of our patients!